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Launched in 2005, Total Connextion originally serviced clients predominently in the UK. However in 2011 Total Connextion extended its services coverage to Australia.

Jon Kelly’s original vision for Total Connextion was to build a business/IT Consultancy team that focused completely on the customer needs, providing expert consultancy but without the “techie jargon” (unless absolutely necessary of course…).  By building the best consultancy team possible, with all manner of technical and personal skills Total Connextion has evolved into the complete Programme/Project Management Consultancy team.

Our success is based around our people, of which we are immensely proud.

“Borrow our Brains”.

Total Connextion can provide single discipline consultancy, (i.e. Project Management) or supply a dedicated proven team with all appropriate skill-sets to ensure that your business and/or Project deliverables are achieved through one single partner.

New clients have taken the opportunity to “borrow our brains”, which is an innovative service Total Connextion offers to independently review existing Programmes or Projects that may be facing difficult challenges.

Following a short review the Total Connextion team offer advice on potential “quick wins”, tactical and strategic opportunities to ensure your project gets back on track and achieves your expected goals.

Interested in “Borrowing our Brains”? -

Please contact us to discuss in more detail.